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We Hope You Enjoyed The People Analytics Value-Adding HR Conference! Please Take A Look At Our Sister Event:

22 Speakers Tackle Your HR, Resourcing & Engagement Challenges In Just 1 Day: Recruiting Talent • Advanced Retention Strategies • Reducing Turnover • UK Skills & Labour Shortage & Combatting Brexit Uncertainty • Employee Development • Rewards & Benefits • Technology & Automation • Employer Branding

Win The Battle To Attract, Engage & Retain: Combat Shortages Of Quality Skilled & Unskilled Labour

Tackle The Specific People Challenges Facing HR, Resourcing, Talent & Engagement Professionals In Industries With Traditionally Higher Turnover Or Those Grappling With Workforce & Talent Instability & Brexit. A One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 14th May 2019, One America Square, London