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19 People & HR Directors | 9 Advanced Sessions | 1 Inspiring Day

Fuel Your Organisation’s Strategic Goals & Growth & Tell The Story Behind Your Changing Workforce With Next-Level, Value-Adding HR & People Analytics, Insights & Strategies

Drive Decision-Making With Data-Driven, Predictive & Actionable Analytics & Insights ✓ Gain Senior Buy-In & Optimise Your Absence, Turnover, Engagement & Talent Strategies ✓ Discover The Latest Tools & Metrics To Future-Proof Your Workforce

Europe’s Leading One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference, 19th September 2018, Cavendish Conference Centre, Central London.

09.00 GIC Welcome & Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Caroline Beardall
Director of Organisational Effectiveness
NHS Improvement


09.20 Turn Data To Action: Functional, Understandable Insight Which Informs Organisational Decision-Making & Fuels Strategic Goals

  • Don’t do data for data’s sake! Drive organisational action from your data analysis for value-added HR
  • Make big data accessible: lessons learned on collating various datasets into one place for simplified, more efficient insights which avoid unnecessary analysis
  • How can you decipher an accurate narrative from your data which actually informs business decisions and aids planning schemes?
  • Take control of your data basics by mastering how to practically source, collect and clean for the most effective organisational insight

James Bryce
Director of Strategic Workforce Planning


09.40 Discover The Best Tools & Systems On The Market Which Are Proven To Produce, Analyse & Visualise Data For Impactful Analytics, HR Insights & Storytelling

  • Debating the best tools available for your organisation; tips and tricks for successful integration which will deliver exceptional business insights
  • Harness a range of tools and systems to make analytics easier at every point in the data journey for high-quality, decipherable insights
  • Paint a picture of your analytics! Dashboards, design and visualisation tools which can transform mundane data in spreadsheets into infographics for accessible, understandable people insights that will sell the story to senior teams

Ehab Hafez
Head of Talent Acquistion Solutions, Centre of Excellence
PepsiCo Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Trovene Harley
Head of HR
Save the Children UK


10.10 Build A Winning People Analytics Business Case Which Will Inspire Senior-Level Engagement & Investment When The Value Added Is Not Always Directly Tied To Financial ROI

  • Make your pitch hit home! Real-world examples of how to effectively report and present analytics to engage senior management and boost investment for future projects
  • Impress senior leaders by harnessing visual analytics such as infographics which effectively display insight in a digestible way
  • Demonstrate HR’s value to the business and discover how to quantify your impact and ROI when there’s not necessarily a direct financial link

Speaker To Be Confirmed. Please Check The Website For Updates.

10.30 Morning Refreshments With Informal Networking


11.00 What Does The Future Of Advanced People Analytics Look Like?

  • Practical insights into the latest, most innovative examples of advanced people analytics
  • Secure insight aligned to business and HR strategies which enables actionable findings to drive performance
  • Utilise visual and verbal storytelling to help bring data to life for time-poor leaders and stakeholders

Ghassan Karian
Founding Partner
Karian and Box




11.30 Ascertain The Most Valuable Metrics For Your People Analytics & HR Strategies & Set Appropriate Benchmarks To Deliver Results Which Tell A Story & Inform Business Strategies

  • Decipher which measurements and metrics give specific answers to the right questions and deliver meaningful insights tailored to your needs
  • Set appropriate benchmarks for your metrics to effectively gauge where your company sits in comparison to others to drive improvement in the most necessary areas
  • Explore best-practice uses and applications of metrics within your business for actionable insight throughout

Lorenzo Giliomee
Head of Learning & Development




11.50 Profit From HR Data & People Analytics To Uncover The Story Behind High Turnover & Successfully Resolve Problems To Improve Retention Rates

  • Practically discern what your turnover and attrition data is trying to tell you; identify trends and patterns to gain actionable understanding which helps target problems
  • Has anyone managed to effectively resolve turnover issues and improve retention rates using insights gained from analytics?

Phil Pringle
Head of Insight & Engagement
Whitbread Group PLC




12.10 Harness the metrics specifically behind absence, turnover and engagement and discuss practical, everyday issues with your peers in this interactive debate

A) Absence

Steve Scott
Head of Strategic Workforce Planning & Workforce Analytics
Lloyds Banking Group

B) Turnover

Phil Pringle
Head of Insight & Engagement
Whitbread Group PLC

C) Engagement

Kim Saunders
People Analyst
Office for National Statistics



12.30 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers


12.30 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Transforming HR Into Agile Behaviours

Mustafa Ahmed
Programme Director
British Council

B) Culture Change

C) HR Business Partner & Stakeholder Expectations

D) GDPR Fallout

13.30 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Alex King
Director of People
Charlotte Tilbury Beauty


Peter Holmark
HR Director, Customer Operations Europe


13.45 Real-World Insights & Advice From Those On The People Insights Journey For Practical Takeaways To Apply Back In The Office Today

  • Do the basics brilliantly with top tips on getting the data right and systems functioning effectively to gain credibility in your organisation and ensure your projects get rolled out
  • Gain realistic insights into what’s possible for your company by setting the most appropriate benchmarks depending on how advanced your analytics are
  • The people analytics ripple effect: how can your insights effect business improvement and add value to the wider company?

Paul Boyle
Director, HR Strategy, Insight & Planning
Sky UK



Trovene Harley
Head of HR
Save the Children UK

Mariana Carrasqueira
Global HR Analytics Manager

14.15 Bonus Session: Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. Can you help HR professionals gain valuable insights and analytics from their workforces? For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email info@hranalyticsconference.com


14.45 Drive Business Solutions With Predictive Analytics Which Deliver Actionable Insight Into Future Trends & Behaviours

  • Best-practice applications to predict behaviours in wellbeing, absence, retention and turnover to inform future business plans and recruitment strategies
  • Effectively demonstrate predictive analytics’ success and value to secure the buy-in necessary from senior management
  • Advancing into the predictive analytics space: capitalise on the top technologies for meaningful, absorbable insight

Ehab Hafez
Head of Talent Acquistion Solutions, Centre of Excellence
PepsiCo Asia, Middle East & North Africa


15.05 What Does The Future Of The Workforce Look Like? Applying People Analytics & Insights To Anticipate The Skills, Needs & Hiring Requirements Of The Evolving Workplace

  • As the world of work progresses, what new or advanced skillsets will be necessary  for your workforce to develop?
  • Successfully inform your talent strategy to anticipate future gaps and hiring requirements
  • Explore how to cleverly cater to the changing needs of your multi-generational workforce and use data to plan for trends, such as high turnover from an ageing, retiring workforce
  • How will the value of HR advance in the next 25 years as a result of people analytics and insights?

Kim Atherton
Chief People Officer
OVO Energy



15.25 Afternoon Refreshments With Informal Networking


15.55 Uncover The Real Story Of Your Workforce Demographics To Discover Diversity Levels & Target Areas Of Disparity & Inequality

  • Get to grips with the generational make-up of your workforce; ensure you have the right mix of demographics to cater for all generations and plan for the future
  • The fallout of gender pay report publishing: do you have an issue and what impact will your report’s insight have on your HR strategy?
  • Translate your workforce data from numbers to reality by pinpointing where diversity is lacking and amending your business strategy to solve this
  • Successfully build credibility and trust to encourage colleagues to share sensitive data for crystal-clear insight into workforce diversity and demographics

Dr Sally Jackson MSc, FCIPD; FCMI
Director of Human Resources & Organisational Development
Sheffield Hallam University


16.25 Advanced Analytics To Inform Recruitment & Talent Strategies To Source, Attract & Develop Top Talent Both From Outside & Within Your Company To Accelerate Growth & Boost Retention

  • Tap into emerging skill requirements using insights from business trends to ensure you are attracting the most valuable talent for your company
  • Unlock the potential of your workforce! Explore how to strategically identify existing talent within your company to develop and grow in line with your evolving workforce

Toby Culshaw
Head of Talent Intelligence



16.45 Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks 

Alex King
Director of People
Charlotte Tilbury Beauty

Peter Holmark
HR Director, Customer Operations Europe

17.00 Official Close Of Conference

Please check the website regularly for updates and newly confirmed speakers. For more information on how to get involved in The People Analytics Conference, please email info@hranalyticsconference.com or call us on +44 (0)20 3479 2299.